Elevating Brand Engagement: Muses Marketing's Comprehensive Support for Benco Mobile's Flourishing Endeavors

We have supported Benco Mobile in more than 150 BTL Activities and regularly help them with Corporate Gifts and Fabrication services

Discover the impactful partnership between Muses Marketing and Benco Mobile, a prominent mobile phone manufacturer making waves in Tier 2 and 3 cities. As a versatile BTL activations agency, we take immense pride in our collaboration with Benco Mobile, enriching their brand presence across Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, Kolkata, North East India, Bihar, Jharkhand, and MP. Join us as we unveil the multifaceted ways in which Muses Marketing has contributed to Benco Mobile's offline marketing excellence.
About Benco: Benco is a mobile and accessories brand owned by INONE Technology, providing reliable, interesting products and fun user experience for young consumers in Tier 2 and 3 India.

1. BTL Activations - Fostering Personal Connections

Localized Impact: Benco Mobile's focus on Tier 2 and 3 cities aligns seamlessly with our BTL activations expertise. We've orchestrated engaging activations at their stores, ensuring a localized approach that resonates with their target audience.

Brand Immersion: Through interactive store experiences, Muses Marketing has empowered Benco Mobile to immerse customers in their products, building stronger brand connections and influencing purchasing decisions.


2. Print Collateral Deployment - Turning Concepts into Reality

Visual Appeal: Muses Marketing collaborates with Benco Mobile to design visually captivating print materials, including danglers, flanges, posters, and more. Our designs breathe life into Benco's brand messages, capturing attention and driving footfall.

Flawless Deployment: From conceptualization to execution, we ensure every print collateral is flawlessly deployed at Benco Mobile's stores, enhancing their visual identity and creating a cohesive in-store ambiance.


3. Corporate Gifting - Strengthening Relationships

Thoughtful Gestures: Benco Mobile's commitment to nurturing relationships is exemplified through their corporate gifting initiatives. Muses Marketing helps source and customize gifts for distributors, retailers, and employees, reflecting appreciation and fostering loyalty.

Personalized Approach: Each corporate gift embodies a personalized touch, conveying Benco Mobile's gratitude and strengthening connections with their partners and workforce.
Offline Marketing Excellence:

Muses Marketing's collaboration with Benco Mobile is a testament to the power of offline marketing strategies. By enhancing BTL activations, executing flawless print collateral deployment, and curating meaningful corporate gifting experiences, we've bolstered Benco's brand presence and engagement.

If you're seeking an exceptional offline marketing agency in India that thrives in BTL activations, print collateral deployment, and corporate gifting, Muses Marketing is your dedicated partner. Contact us today to elevate your brand's impact, strengthen relationships, and create memorable experiences that resonate across markets.